Special effect paints, candy, metallic’s, pearls, virtual chrome on bikes, helmets and guitars all sealed in with high gloss clear-coat.
Detailed airbrush artwork, using top of the range iwata airbrushes. The airbrush gives a one of a kind look. The airbrush is one tool that can create thousands of different effects through technique. Colours seem to magically blend together with an airbrush. Used in conjunction with stencils and masking techniques to also create hard bold lines for logos etc,  and also soft fading lines.


Graffiti and wall murals. Comic character themes for children’s  bedroom walls, can get a clear layer of washable paint for grubby hands or to protect it from the sun and rain for an outdoor advertising environment.


Any surface can be painted. Plastic, metal, fibreglass,  wood,  fabric etc. The paints we use can irritate the skin so no body-art is done.


All paint jobs can be cleaned using soapy water and they can be polished too.


Our qualified in-house spray-painter can take care of any minor dent and scratch repair to all makes of cars and motorcycles. Colour coding bumpers and mirrors. Refurbishing alloy wheels.